Marketplace of ideas
The marketplace of ideas includes a collection of contributions from senior experts inside and outside the UN system. These contributions are intended to promote and stimulate new thinking, with the aim to help inform ongoing discussions and debate around financing the UN system and the role of the UN in financing the SDGs.

Climate Financing


COVID-19 Response


Global Public Goods


Health Financing


Humanitarian Financing


Innovative Financing


Multilateral Financing

Published September 2019
Shades of grey: Earmarking in the UN development system
By Max-Otto Baumann, Erik Lundsgaarde and Silke Weinlich

Published September 2019
Current and future pathways for UN system-wide finance
By Silke Weinlich and Bruce Jenks

Published September 2019
A resolute resolution for multilateralism - a perspective from International Geneva
By Michael Møller

Published September 2019
A brief reflection on multilateralism, the UN and financing
By Ulrika Modéer

Published September 2019
Multilateralism: An instrument of choice
By Bruce Jenks

Published September 2019
The crisis of multilateralism, viewed from the Global South
By Adriana Erthal Abdenur


Normative Financing


Peacebuilding Financing

Published 2016
UN Peacebuilding Financing
By Oscar Fernandez-Taranco


Pooled Financing


Prevention Financing

Published 2017
Financial protection: Planning today for the disasters of tomorrow
By Bianca Adam

Published 2017
Financing the prevention of violent extremism
By Khalid Koser

Published 2017
Assuring that nothing happens - Reflections on financing conflict prevention
By Jordan Ryan

Published 2016
African Risk Capacity: An Innovative Financing Mechanism for Natural Disasters,
By Mohamed Beavogui


Private Sector Financing

Published 2018
Letting in light: The United Nations’ powerful role in opening the doors to blended finance
By John Morris

Published 2018
Private investment in risky places
By Magdi M. Amin and Martin Spicer

Published 2018
Making blended finance work in risky contexts
By Samuel Choritz

Published 2018
Harnessing digital finance for sustainable development
By Fiona Bayat-Renoux

Published 2017
Mobilising private finance in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals
By Gavin Power and Moramay Navarro Perez

Published 2017
Business and the Sustainable Development Goals: Why it matters
By Sahba Sobhani and Robert de Jongh


SDG Financing

Published September 2019
OECD’s Total Official Support for Sustainable Development pilot study on peace and security

Published September 2019
Financing the humanitarian-development-peace nexus
By UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office

Published September 2019
The Migration Fund: Building on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration
By Jonathan Prentice

Published September 2019
Attracting the millennial investor to multilateralism and investing in the Sustainable Development Goals
By Kanni Wignaraja

Published 2018
International financing flows to developing countries
By Development Initiatives

Published 2018
Cross-border financing flows impacting the Sustainable Development Goals
By Homi Kharas