Where is UN funding allocated?
Total expenditure

In 2021, total UN system expenditure was US$ 60.5 billion. UN expenditure is usually divided into four activity areas: development assistance, humanitarian assistance, peace operations, and global agenda (and specialised assistance). Expenditure on humanitarian assistance and development assistance, collectively referred to as UN operational activities for development (OAD), were roughly equal in 2016. By 2021, humanitarian assistance had grown to 42% of total UN expenditure, while development assistance spending remained at 33%. OAD accounts for almost three-quarters of total expenditure in the UN system.

Total UN expenditure was US$ 60 billion in 2021
Figure 29
Expenditure of the UN system by function, 2018–2021
2023 figure 29 expenditure-un-system-function-2018-2021
Key insights in a flash
UN expenditure grew with 8% to US$ 60.5 billion in 2021
The share of humanitarian assistance has grown to 42%

Source: Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB)