Where is UN funding allocated?
Expenditure in crisis-affected countries

The share of humanitarian allocations for the 38 crisis-affected countries where 2020 UN expenditure exceeded US$ 100 million grew between 2010 and 2020, especially after 2013. Expenditure on development and peace activities, however, remained fairly constant during this period. The shift since 2013 was largely because of the escalating crisis in Syria and neighbouring Lebanon, which, in addition to its own challenges, hosted many Syrian refugees. The escalation of the crises in South Sudan and Yemen also contributed to the steady growth in humanitarian expenditure. 

20% of UN expenditure was allocated to 5 crisis-affected countries in 2020
Figure 34
UN expenditures in crisis-affected countries, 2010-2020 (US$ million)

Source: Report of the Secretary-General (A/77/69-E/2022/47), DPO (A/76/5 (Vol.II), DPPA (A/76/6 (Sect.3)/Add.1), World Bank, OCHA and the Peacebuilding Fund. Historical data from various reports.