Published September 2019
UN pooled funding: ‘Healthy’ financing for better multilateral results
By UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office

The Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office is the UN centre of expertise on pooled financing mechanisms. Hosted by UNDP, it provides fund design and fund administration services to the UN system, national governments and non-governmental partners. The MPTF Office operates in over 110 countries and manages a total portfolio of US$ 12 billion in pooled funds, involving more than 150 contributors and over 85 participating organisations.

The 2030 Agenda has brought not only a new paradigm about how governments address sustainable development for their citizens’ present and future, but it has also triggered a reinvigorated and rare appetite for a new generation of partnerships around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): true multi-stakeholder partnerships where governments, investors, international organisations, private sector and civil society can come together to tackle complex problems. The United Nations development system entities with different mandates have been instrumental in germinating and bringing about SDGs and thus are particularly well-placed to articulate and convene these types of partnerships.