Published 2021
Fit-for-purpose financing in the Anthropocene: Quantifying risks and valuing the biosphere
By Pedro Conceição

Planetary imbalances engender risks that can cause shocks to human development, thereby exacerbating inequalities and constraining the space for deliberative reasoning and collective action. This article introduces the Anthropocene, conceptualises the climate risks involved, and discusses the importance of valuing the biosphere.

Given that both Anthropocene risks and the value of the biosphere – as well as the costs imposed through planetary pressures – are weakly reflected in the incentive structures of societies, accounting for risks and valuing biodiversity can contribute to deepening ‘[our] understanding [of ] ecosystem dynamics and [the development of ] appropriate indicators of change’. Systematic use of the these indicators by financial actors and supervisory authorities would be an important step towards ensuring that finance is fit for purpose in the Anthropocene.